DICK STOLL  Mr. Stoll is the last member of a near extinguished legacy of distillers pre-dating the country itself; representing generations of dedication, commitment and skill hand crafting Pennsylvania Whiskey. Trained by C Everett Beam in both the Beam Family and Historical Pennsylvania Style,  Dick served as Master Distiller of Pennsylvania Michter's where he also distilled the famed A.H. Hirsch Bourbon. 

ERIK WOLFE  A Lancaster County native, Erik practiced the dark art of marketing in New York City developing online strategy for Fortune 100 and startup companies.  Seeking less pay, he began a new career in the NYC restaurant world, meeting his wife Avianna.  Combining his passions of Lancaster County history and food, Erik began researching Pennsylvania's historic legacy of The Bomberger's Distillery.  The rest is history.

AVIANNA PONZI WOLFE  A native New Yorker with over 25 years operating NYC restaurants and Nightlife venues, Avianna most recently owned and operated a NY Times recognized green restaurant & catering business before relocating to her husband's ancestral homeland in Lititz, PA to raise their young daughter.

JIM WOLFE  A Lancaster County native with a MacGuyver-like knack for making things work, Jim brings three decades of experience in manufacturing and logistics in addition to a love for local history. When he's not tracing familial distilling roots through generations or stalking the battlefields of Gettysburg you can usually find him playing Pappy to his beloved granddaughter.

BRETT CARSON After we bailed him out (they caught him selling ketchup popsicles to white gloved eskimos) he followed us to the distillery and we haven't shaken him since. A third generation salesman with over two decades of experience, Brett is a Lancaster county native that always has time for a good story and a great whiskey. When he's not out spreading the Stoll & Wolfe gospel you might recognize him from his role of Dad and Coach to his two sons. 

COLIN CAMAC Colin doesn’t like food, he loves it.  Whether sneaking to the neighbors and joining family taco night as a precocious two year old, or skipping Six Flags for a chance to eat at Nobu in the fifth grade, he’s followed his fork and never looked back.  Over the last decade Colin opened and consulted on 10 different restaurants under the Fatty Crew umbrella both locally and internationally including 3 separate NY Times Two Star reviews.    

DAVID COLE  Hailing from Seattle, David is a brand architect and packaging designer specializing in identity and package design for the distilled spirits industry. His work can be found in tasting rooms and liquor store shelves from California to Kiev — and many places in between - including packaging work for recognized international brands such as Maker’s Mark, Laphroaig and Teacher’s. David’s true love is working directly with small to mid-sized distillers who take personal pride in their work.