"If the name Dick Stoll rings a bell, that’s because Mr. Stoll was the last master distiller at Pennsylvania’s Michter’s where he also distilled bourbon for the A.H. Hirsch Bourbon brand. He was trained by Charles Everett Beam who was the grandnephew of the legendary Jim Beam himself." -Breaking Bourbon

"...They produced whiskey not far away, at a distillery that’s since closed down: the (Pennsylvania) Michter’s distillery, where they made the excellent whiskey that has become a legend under the A.H. Hirsch name. Though the distillery has been closed for almost 30 years, the master distiller, Dick Stoll, still lives nearby. He’s more than 80 years old and in startlingly good health, and is helping a new distillery, Stoll & Wolfe, get started there." -Lew Bryson, The Daily Beast

National Register of Historic Places Nomination: The distillation of spirituous liquors is a major American industry, and the Bomberger Distillery, whose origins can be traced back to 1753 is both the Nation’s oldest distillery and a primary extant example of the small scale commercial distilling operations which enabled the United become “the world’s largest producer and largest consumer of whiskey.”  Click Here for Full 1975 Submission – PA Historical & Museum Commission.

From National Park Service National Historic Landmarks Program: Dating from 1753, the Bomberger’s Distillery in PA, the Nation’s oldest distillery, represented the transformation of whiskey distilling from an agricultural enterprise into a large-scale industry.

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