"The white dog has been proofed down to 109 for barrel entry (109 was the entry proof at his last distillery job, before cost cutting measures forced it to 115) and cooperage is lined up to be filled. Dick takes the faucet and fills the first barrel. He’s then handed a dead-blow hammer and drives the bung home with the same solid delivery he’d applied as a much younger man. Satisfied, he poses with the first filled barrel of Stoll & Wolfe rye whiskey and smiles.

Life can be truly unpredictable, even unfathomable. When Dick locked up that now-demolished Pennsylvania distillery all those years ago, the whiskey business was in the doldrums worldwide, and at the time there was no end in sight. Distillers like Jimmy Russell and Parker Beam felt the hard times too, but working for well managed companies with deeper pockets they were able to weather the storm and stay in the business. 

Life dealt Dick Stoll a different hand, but with the renaissance of American whiskey came new opportunities, and one of those just happened to have Dick’s name engraved on it. Now, more than a quarter-century later, Dick Stoll is back in the whiskey business and happy as all hell to be part of it again.
Welcome back, Dick. It’s been a long time coming."  Full Article Here.


"A quick summation offers that the bourbon was distilled in early 1974, at what would eventually be known as the Michter’s Distillery near Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania. It was the standard bourbon recipe used at the distillery by master distiller Dick Stoll, who learned it, and his trade, under Everett Beam. When the distillery faced bankruptcy, this bourbon, which had already been aged for far longer than was standard or typical, had never been put to use. Gordon Hue acquired it in 1989, and had Julian Van Winkle III bottle the brand — A.H. Hirsch Reserve." Full Article Here.



"There are many new distilleries popping up in Pennsylvania, but none carry the Pennsylvanian distillery torch quite like Stoll and Wolfe. You see the name Stoll and Wolfe, which is named after founders of the brand, Dick Stoll and Erik Wolfe, was originally named Bomberger’s as a tribute to the old Bomberger’s Distillery (known to most as Michter’s). They planned to reopen the distillery in Lititz, PA where Mr. Dick Stoll was distiller in the 70’s. Mr. Stoll is now famous for being the man behind the famous A.H.Hirsch Reserve 16 year old bourbon... Bomberger’s would become Stoll and Wolfe instead. This may seem like a great loss for Pennsylvania, but in my humble opinion, there is a great deal to be said about a fresh start for Stoll & Wolfe whiskeys." Full Article Here.